A warm welcome to everyone to the 5th International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management (ICQEM22)!

We are back again to an in person event! It is so great to see you all here at the University of Minho! I would like to deliver a special thanks to all of those that travelled from their home countries to Braga, in Portugal. I hope those that will attend online will have the chance to join us in person in the next edition in 2024.

This conference is an international forum to present and discuss the progress and recent evolutions in the fields of Quality Management, Quality Engineering and Organizational Excellence, thus providing a unique opportunity to share the latest insights of academic and industrial research and applications on these fields.

The International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management covers different topics related to Quality. In this 5th edition more than 100 proposals have been submitted and almost 90 were accepted for presentation, after revision by the Conference Scientific Committee. Papers accepted correspond to authors from all around the world, with 20 countries represented at this level. Therefore, a warm acknowledgment to all speakers, authors and Scientific Committee Members is well deserved – Thank You!

I would like to thank to all the four keynote speakers – Nicole Radziwill, Carlos Ribas, Josef Oehmen, Mareike Mohlmann – and to the master class trainers that were with us yesterday – Jorge Roman, Abdallah Obeikan, Saber Atiyeh and Khaled Hassan, these last three trainers coming from the Obeikan Group located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have here the chance to listen to their contributions and new development insights, and to network with some of the most current influent Quality Academicians and Professionals.

Finally, I must acknowledge the institutional support received from the School of Engineering of the University of Minho, Research Group on Quality and Organizational Excellence, ASQ University of Minho Student Branch, TecMinho, ALGORTIMI Research Centre, University of Coimbra, University of Girona, International University of Catalunya, European Organization for Quality, Portuguese Association for Quality, Brazilian Association of Production Engineering, Quality for Excellence Consultancy, International Journal of Conformity Assessment and Brazilian Society for Quality and Excellence in Management.

Last but not the least, a special thanks to all the members of the Organizing Committee and Co-Founders of the conference that make this conference possible for the 5th time.

Let’s take advantage of this great opportunity and make with your contributions an event with High Level of Quality, shared and built by such a top level group of attendees, thus contributing to “A better world with Quality!”.

Enjoy the conference and the beautiful city of Braga!

Thank you!

Paulo Sampaio, Conference Chair

Conference Co-founders 
Paulo Sampaio, University of Minho
António Ramos Pires, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal
Frederic Marimon, International University of Catalunya
Marti Casadesús, University of Girona
Pedro Saraiva, University of Coimbra