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“First Call” of the 2nd Questionnaire to Evaluate the Food Safety Culture





Dear participants,

I thank you in advance for your participation in the previous surveys and for your availability as you were involved in this project to determine and assess the commitment of organizations to the food safety culture.
The results of the first survey are being evaluated and will soon be published. The present and new survey aim to continue with the assessment of food safety culture, but this time with attention focused on the sub-dimensions.

Therefore, you should choose where to insert the selected metric into the most appropriate sub-dimension within each dimension.

The questions to be presented below are structured according to the GFSI proposed document "A Culture of Food Safety - the position paper from the global food safety initiative (GFSI)". Thus, it will consist of five (5) dimensions each with questions on their respective critical factors.

The purpose of this survey is to find out which key indicators within each area of ​​an organization allow the proper development of a food safety culture. They will then be validated and an evaluation model will be created that could be implemented in organizations to support a food safety culture.

Dear respondent, this survey will only take a few minutes, so thank you in advance for your availability and attention. Please answer till the end in order to validate the answers correctly.

The data collected will be kept anonymous and will only be used for academic research purposes.

There are 17 questions in this survey.